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Reasoning & Aptitude

Nurturing Minds, Igniting Rational Thinking

Cultivating Future Thinkers and Creative Problem Solvers

Reasoning & Aptitude

Fostering Analytical Minds: Unleash the power of structured thinking with Viswam's Reasoning and Aptitude program.

Viswam's Reasoning and Aptitude program is designed to enhance students' thinking skills, encouraging them to approach problems with analytical, creative, and abstract thinking. This program nurtures mature and developed thinking beyond traditional schooling, enabling students to make rational decisions, understand societal and ethical issues, and bolster their creativity. With structured concepts, practical exercises, and detailed solutions, it prepares students to tackle a variety of problems and develop meta-cognition skills for lifelong learning.


Viswam's Reasoning & Aptitude

Nurturing Minds through Structured Learning

Structured classification of concepts

Lucid presentation of concepts

Concept-wise solved examples

Visual illustrations and images

Problem-solving principles

Answer key and detailed solutions to all exercises

Workbook for ample practice

Chapter-wise teaching PowerPoint presentations


Reasoning & Aptitude

Systematic Skill Development:

Our program systematically cultivates vital thinking skills, including analysis, synthesis, abstract thinking, and creative problem-solving, enabling students to approach issues from diverse perspectives.

Comprehensive Learning Resources:

With structured concepts, lucid presentations, illustrative examples, and ample practice exercises, students benefit from a well-rounded learning experience.

In-Depth Understanding:

The inclusion of detailed solutions and teaching presentations ensures students understand concepts thoroughly and develop the ability to tackle complex problems.

Critical Decision-Making:

Reasoning and aptitude skills empower students to make rational decisions based on evidence rather than bias, fostering mature and well-informed thinking.

Societal Engagement:

Our program encourages students to think deeply about societal and ethical issues, fostering empathy, understanding, and ethical reasoning.

Enhanced Creativity:

Through problem-solving and holistic approaches, students boost their creativity and gain expertise in approaching a wide array of challenges.

Viswam's EELL

Program Details

Delivery Method
Program Duration
USB & Workbook Combination
3 to 4 hours
High-quality, colorful animation with voiceovers and background music
Synchronized Design
Interactive Workbook
Visual effects and methodology design aimed at encouraging active participation and learning
Market Testing
Positive Response
The methodology has been successfully trialed in both Indian and overseas markets, garnering encouraging feedback
  • Total 6 Levels - 2 Levels per year
  • 2 Periods per weak
  • 2 work books for student.
  • Assessments & Certificates

Viswam's Reasoning & Aptitude


  • Student course books
  • Annual teaching planner
  • Solution manuals
  • Teaching presentations
  • Execution guidance
  • Faculty training
  • Chapter-wise test papers and solutions
  • State-wide cumulative tests and ranking
  • Doubt clarification sessions


Voices of Success from Our School Partners

Hear the Praise Directly from Our Partner Schools

Delhi Public School Principal

The workshop was interesting and interactive the teaching aids are sure to motivate the children and make math learning enjoyable.

Oakridge school CEO of Oakridge school

The demonstration and the teaching clusters are very good. Mr. Karthik explained all the concepts well we need to practice to implement in a best possible way

Kennedy High School Vice Prinicipal

Seemed to be very informative and interactive session worked well for us.

D.A.V. Public School Vice Prinicipal

Session was more informative and make us learnt many innovation way to make teaching learning effective

Geetanjali Olympiad Schools Correspondant

Demo was good. Understanding the concept is very clear. Excellent class, Explanation was good. Topic and content is clear all the puzzles are very clear and valuable to a child & teacher

St. Mary's English Medium High School Founder & CEO of Geetanjali Olympiad Schools

We are happy to inform Abacus training session was useful and so effective. Our staff Participated 34 members and learned the content. In this programme we learnt the history of Abacus views of different methods in teaching Abacus. we learnt oral problems, 5s & 10s complements activities picture representation, visualization. Thanks to school labs

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