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Who We Are

Viswam Edutech is a pioneering educational organization dedicated to enriching the learning experience of students. With a strong focus on collaboration with schools and skill development centers led by qualified professionals, we offer a wide range of educational products and concepts. Our programs encompass Academic Labs, Academic Support, Brain Enhancement Programs, School Association Programs, Foundation Courses, and Teacher Trainings, all aimed at fostering holistic student development. With a remarkable track record spanning over 16 years, we have positively impacted over 9,000 private schools, 20,000+ government schools, and more than 2 million students across 9 states in India, as well as in the USA and Canada. We are members of GAJSMA, and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our Vision

Elevating K12 Education Together

To equip schools, teachers, and students with the necessary tools and techniques for the continuous enhancement of K12 education.

Our Mission

Pioneering Excellence in Education

Our mission is to establish ourselves as the premier choice for school education in India, setting the standard for excellence. We aim to be the top educational company, dedicated to enhancing the learning experience for students and schools across the nation

Company Values

At Viswam Edutech, our values form the cornerstone of our mission. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and integrity. Our commitment to students, schools, and educators drives us to continually upgrade our programs, ensuring they align seamlessly with educational needs. Collaboration, inclusivity, and responsibility are at the heart of our approach, as we strive to empower students, teachers, and schools with the tools and techniques needed to enhance K12 education. Our vision is to be a premier choice for school education in India, setting a gold standard for educational excellence nationwide.

What We Do

We specialize in skill-enhancing educational programs, tailored to enrich students' inherent talents and academic achievements.

How We Do It

We achieve our success by carefully crafting & seamlessly delivering education programs, all while maintaining a well-organized and dedicated approach.

Viswam Edutech

Our programs are meticulously designed to seamlessly align with the school curriculum.

Our educational programs are carefully crafted to harmoniously integrate with the existing school curriculum. This thoughtful design ensures that our offerings not only enhance students’ learning experiences but also complement the subjects they are already studying in school. This synchronization ensures a cohesive and enriching educational journey for students, making it easier for them to grasp and apply the concepts taught in our programs within the broader context of their school studies.

Pan India exclusive

Viswam stands as the sole organization across India with this distinctive distinction. Our exclusive presence spans the entire nation, a testament to our unmatched commitment to excellence in education.

Efficiently structured

Viswam is exceptionally well-structured and organized, ensuring smooth and effective operations. Our meticulous planning and execution ensure that our educational programs and services run seamlessly, delivering consistent results

dedicated team

Viswam's success is attributed to its dedicated team of professionals who are instrumental in achieving our goals. Their unwavering commitment and expertise drive our organization's achievements, ensuring the delivery of high-quality education programs and services.

Creates opportunities

Viswam's School Labs not only enriches intellectual skills but also offers a platform for open and international competitions. Ultimately, our programs enhance schools' competitive credibility and enrich teachers' knowledge, fostering a holistic educational environment.


Our Team of Viswam Edutech

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Mr P.P.R Prasad

Founder & Mentor

Meet Mr. P.P.R. Prasad, a product design specialist with an impressive track record of over 20 years in the education sector. His expertise lies in crafting innovative solutions that enhance the learning experience, making a significant impact on education through thoughtful and effective design.

Mr. Satish Babu

Managing Director

Meet Mr. Satish Babu, with a rich background as an IT professional, he has not only built but also worked across diverse technological platforms. Bringing over a decade of international business exposure, Mr. Satish is a key driving force in our pursuit of excellence.

Mr. Hari Charan P.


Meet Mr. Hari Charan, an MBA graduate with a remarkable 20+ years of experience in marketing operations and strategy. With a proven track record from Fortune 500 companies, he brings a wealth of expertise to lead our organization towards success and innovation.


Our Experts of Viswam Edutech

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Vinod Director - Products

Vinod, our Director of Products, brings 20+ years of experience in designing and executing educational solutions. His expertise in sales and training ensures innovative and effective learning experiences.

Srinivas Rao Head - Operations

T. Srinivas Rao, our Head of Operations, brings extensive expertise to streamline and enhance our operational efficiency. With a proven track record, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth business processes.

Pavan Kumar Manager - GTM Strategies

Pavan Kumar, our GTM Strategies Manager, is an MBA graduate with 8+ years of result-driven experience. His passion for operations and marketing fuels our innovative strategies.

Chandra Prakash SME - Math Lab

An M. Tech graduate from NIT Rourkela. With a passion for the subject, he has contributed to various student-centric projects, specializing in Abacus, Vedic Math, and Math Lab.

Srikanth SME - Vedic Math

An M.Tech Graduate from JNTU and a B.E from Madras University. With a diverse background, he transitioned from IT to banking before joining Viswam Edutech in 2014. Currently, he serves as a Manager for Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh.

Janardhan Rao Head - Sales

Janardhan Rao, our Head of Sales, is a seasoned professional with 30 years of expertise in Banking, FMCG, and Edtech markets. His passion for sales drives our commitment to excellence.

Vinayak SME - Abacus

Vinayak Boddu, MSC B.Ed graduate with 12 years' experience, excels in educational product development. A key contributor, he crafts engaging solutions to meet evolving educational needs, showcasing expertise in content and delivery enhancement.


Our Advisory Board of Viswam Edutech

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