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Foundation Of All Competitive Exams

Your roadmap to success and an index to the mind.



Embark on a journey towards success with the FACE Series – a comprehensive guide designed to navigate the complexities of competitive exams.

The very essence of the acronym "FACE" signifies the index to the mind, unlocking a trove of knowledge and strategic insights. Tailored for aspirants seeking positions in government and private institutions, this series serves as a beacon, guiding individuals to save time, quench their thirst for knowledge, and effectively learn, ultimately leading them to their desired goals. As the dynamics of competitive exams evolve, the FACE Series stands as an indispensable resource, offering a strategic syllabus plan, boosting scores, and empowering individuals to serve society selflessly. With each volume meticulously crafted, the FACE Series is the key to unlocking your potential and achieving success in the competitive landscape.



Navigate through the complexities of competitive exams

Time-Saving Guidance

Find specific items crucial for success, saving valuable time in exam preparation.

Effective Learning Experience

Safely lead yourself to your goal with an effective learning experience.

Strategic Syllabus Planning

Follow a well-structured syllabus plan to streamline your studies.

Boosting Scores

Enhance your scores in highly esteemed government and private job exams.

Abundant Resource

Gain access to an abundant resource to enhance your exam preparation.

Serve Society Selflessly

Empower the younger generation to serve society selflessly with the knowledge provided by the FACE Series.

Viswam's Face

Importance of Reading Series

The importance of reading the FACE Series of Books for competitive exams lies in its multifaceted benefits that significantly contribute to an aspirant's success:

  1. Strategic Time Management: The FACE Series acts as a strategic guide, helping aspirants save valuable time by pinpointing specific topics essential for success. It streamlines the learning process, allowing candidates to focus on key areas that yield maximum returns.
  2. Comprehensive Knowledge Base: Delving into the content of FACE Series equips aspirants with a rich and comprehensive knowledge base. Covering crucial segments such as Geography, History, Polity, Economy, and Environment, it ensures a well-rounded understanding, enhancing the credibility of answers in exams.
  3. Effective Learning Experience: The FACE Series facilitates an effective learning experience, providing abundant resources and insights. Its structured approach aids in planning syllabuses, allowing job-seekers to navigate through exams with confidence.
  4. Boosting Exam Scores: By offering insights into highly appreciated jobs in government and private sectors, the FACE Series becomes a catalyst for boosting exam scores. It sharpens candidates' thinking and broadens their perspective, crucial elements in excelling in competitive examinations.
  5. Enhancing Analytical Abilities: The changing patterns of competitive exams demand a more analytical approach. The FACE Series aligns with this need, helping aspirants develop analytical abilities necessary for the evolving examination landscape.


Voices of Success from Our School Partners

Hear the Praise Directly from Our Partner Schools

Delhi Public School Principal

The workshop was interesting and interactive the teaching aids are sure to motivate the children and make math learning enjoyable.

Oakridge school CEO of Oakridge school

The demonstration and the teaching clusters are very good. Mr. Karthik explained all the concepts well we need to practice to implement in a best possible way

Kennedy High School Vice Prinicipal

Seemed to be very informative and interactive session worked well for us.

D.A.V. Public School Vice Prinicipal

Session was more informative and make us learnt many innovation way to make teaching learning effective

Geetanjali Olympiad Schools Correspondant

Demo was good. Understanding the concept is very clear. Excellent class, Explanation was good. Topic and content is clear all the puzzles are very clear and valuable to a child & teacher

St. Mary's English Medium High School Founder & CEO of Geetanjali Olympiad Schools

We are happy to inform Abacus training session was useful and so effective. Our staff Participated 34 members and learned the content. In this programme we learnt the history of Abacus views of different methods in teaching Abacus. we learnt oral problems, 5s & 10s complements activities picture representation, visualization. Thanks to school labs

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