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Expressive English Language Lab

Unlocking the Power of Fluent Communication

Expressive English Language Lab - EELL

Program that goes beyond textbooks to enhance students' English language skills and expression

The "Expressive English Language Lab" (EELL) is a thoughtfully designed program that goes beyond standard curriculum, encouraging students to learn through engaging activities, games, and problem-solving exercises.


In response to recommendations from the Government of India and State Government, Viswam School Labs introduces a stress-free approach to enhancing communication skills, public speaking, and personality development in children. This initiative aims to equip students from an early age with the skills they need to excel in higher education and their future careers.


The methodology employed in EELL not only empowers students with command over the English language but also boosts self-confidence and concentration. By adopting this approach, Viswam School Labs seeks to shape well-rounded individuals who will contribute positively to their communities and the nation at large.


Market Research & Fundamentals

Understanding the Dynamics of Effective Communication

Effective communication is a multifaceted process, with various elements contributing to its success. Market research highlights the significant impact of gestures, body language, style, voice modulation, and verbal communication on how messages are perceived and understood. These insights shed light on the complex dynamics of effective communication. Market research reveals a fascinating breakdown of what truly captures attention: 

Gestures and Body Language


Style and Voice Modulation


Verbal Communication (words)



‘EELL is an innovative & a highly effective methodology for beginners, children & faculty to comprehend and internalize basics & concepts of English language in a simple, fun filled and stress free manner.


The ‘EELL’ methodology employs a research-based 6 ‘R’ approach, seamlessly integrating human brain findings. It ensures that learners find the content relevant, easy to receive, retain, and recall


We teach fundamentals through experiential activities, harnessing powerful concepts of brain functioning like concentration, habit formation, mind mapping, whole brain learning, and multiple intelligences.


The ‘EELL’ methodology employs a simple yet highly effective approach, fostering learner enthusiasm and accelerating memory retention for long-term recall. It offers interactivity and effectiveness across diverse participant profileS.



Unlocking English Proficiency

Grammar Mastery

Engaging and Fun Learning

Expansive Vocabulary

Effective Communication Skills

Phonetics Proficiency

Audio Resources

Nonverbal Communication (Body Gestures)

Video Modules

Dramatic Presentations

Viswam's EELL



  • Teacher Guidance Book
  • Online Micro Level Faculty Training
  • Audio / Video files for Listening, Speaking and Phonetics activities
  • Class wise, task wise Micro planning for teachers
  • Examination Papers with Answer Keys
  • English Fest Model support


  • Colored work book for activities to practice
  • Participation Certificate


Voices of Success from Our School Partners

Hear the Praise Directly from Our Partner Schools

Delhi Public School Principal

The workshop was interesting and interactive the teaching aids are sure to motivate the children and make math learning enjoyable.

Oakridge school CEO of Oakridge school

The demonstration and the teaching clusters are very good. Mr. Karthik explained all the concepts well we need to practice to implement in a best possible way

Kennedy High School Vice Prinicipal

Seemed to be very informative and interactive session worked well for us.

D.A.V. Public School Vice Prinicipal

Session was more informative and make us learnt many innovation way to make teaching learning effective

Geetanjali Olympiad Schools Correspondant

Demo was good. Understanding the concept is very clear. Excellent class, Explanation was good. Topic and content is clear all the puzzles are very clear and valuable to a child & teacher

St. Mary's English Medium High School Founder & CEO of Geetanjali Olympiad Schools

We are happy to inform Abacus training session was useful and so effective. Our staff Participated 34 members and learned the content. In this programme we learnt the history of Abacus views of different methods in teaching Abacus. we learnt oral problems, 5s & 10s complements activities picture representation, visualization. Thanks to school labs

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