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Transforms Learners to become

Makers | Creators | Inventors | Entrepreneurs 

Viswam's Code Champ | Coding learning for school kids


Unlocking Creativity, One Line of Code at a Time with CODE CHAMP

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of coding with CODE CHAMP by Viswam's Edutech. Our program is not just about learning to code; it's about cultivating a mindset of innovation, problem-solving, and creativity. As we dive into the realms of computer science and programming, we simplify the complexities, nurture critical thinking, and ignite a genuine passion for technology. CODE CHAMP is your gateway to becoming a Maker, Creator, Inventor, and Entrepreneur in the dynamic digital landscape. Unleash your creative coding potential and shape the future with CODE CHAMP!



Viswam's Code Champ

Unlocking Potential Through Viswam’s Innovative Coding Courses

Comprehensive Skill Development

Viswam's Code Champ offers more than just coding proficiency. Our program is designed to holistically develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills, ensuring learners are well-rounded and adaptable.

Innovative Curriculum:

Experience an engaging curriculum that aligns with the latest trends in the digital landscape. Code Champ's structured approach complements existing educational standards, providing an enriching and future-focused learning experience.

Accessible Learning:

We are committed to making computer science and programming accessible to students. Complex concepts are broken down into digestible lessons, simplifying the learning journey and making it inclusive for all.

Passion Ignition:

Code Champ aims to inspire a genuine love for technology. Through our program, learners not only gain technical skills but also foster a deep passion for exploring the possibilities of innovation.

Foundational Understanding:

Introduce students to the basics of computer education and coding languages. Code Champ ensures a strong foundational understanding, setting the stage for more advanced learning in the digital realm.

Proven Track Record:

Rely on a program that has been market-tested and validated. Viswam's Code Champ has demonstrated success, providing learners with a pathway to becoming makers, creators, inventors, and future entrepreneurs.


Distinctive Aspects of Viswam's Code Champ

Embark on a coding journey with our specially designed student kit, catering to classes 1 to 9. Each class receives a multi-color coding textbook along with practice worksheets, ensuring an engaging and comprehensive learning experience.

  • Hands-on Project Works:
    Immerse yourself in the practical application of coding concepts with two project works Рone for each term. These projects not only reinforce learning but also provide a platform for creativity and innovation. 
  • Academic Recognition:
    Celebrate the culmination of the academic year with an impactful academic project. Students receive an end-of-the-year certificate, acknowledging their dedication and achievement in mastering coding skills.
  • Dedicated Learning Sessions:
    Experience a focused and immersive learning environment with dedicated classes at school. Two classes per week, comprising one theory session and one practical class, provide a balanced and structured approach to coding education.

At Viswam’s Code Champ, we understand the pivotal role teachers play in shaping young minds into coding enthusiasts. To support our dedicated educators, we provide a range of teacher-centric resources:

  • Online Training Sessions:
    Our online training sessions are tailored to equip computer teachers with the necessary skills and insights to effectively deliver the Code Champ curriculum. Scheduled for convenience, these sessions ensure that educators stay abreast of the latest coding concepts.
  • Solution Book for Practice Worksheets:
    Facilitating seamless teaching, we offer a comprehensive solution book for all practice worksheets. This resource aids teachers in guiding students through coding exercises, providing clarity and support in the learning process.
  • Micro-Scheduler for Planning:
    Efficient planning is key to successful teaching. Our micro-scheduler, designed class-wise, assists teachers in meticulous planning, ensuring that each coding concept is covered effectively within the stipulated time.
  • Video Classes – Lesson Wise:
    To enhance the teaching experience, we provide recorded video classes, available lesson-wise. These resources serve as valuable supplements, allowing teachers to revisit lessons and reinforce key coding concepts in their classes.


Voices of Success from Our School Partners

Hear the Praise Directly from Our Partner Schools

Delhi Public School Principal

The workshop was interesting and interactive the teaching aids are sure to motivate the children and make math learning enjoyable.

Oakridge school CEO of Oakridge school

The demonstration and the teaching clusters are very good. Mr. Karthik explained all the concepts well we need to practice to implement in a best possible way

Kennedy High School Vice Prinicipal

Seemed to be very informative and interactive session worked well for us.

D.A.V. Public School Vice Prinicipal

Session was more informative and make us learnt many innovation way to make teaching learning effective

Geetanjali Olympiad Schools Correspondant

Demo was good. Understanding the concept is very clear. Excellent class, Explanation was good. Topic and content is clear all the puzzles are very clear and valuable to a child & teacher

St. Mary's English Medium High School Founder & CEO of Geetanjali Olympiad Schools

We are happy to inform Abacus training session was useful and so effective. Our staff Participated 34 members and learned the content. In this programme we learnt the history of Abacus views of different methods in teaching Abacus. we learnt oral problems, 5s & 10s complements activities picture representation, visualization. Thanks to school labs

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