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Financial Literacy

Mastery in Finances with Wisdom

Empower Your Financial Future with Mastery in Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Navigating the Path to Financial Literacy with Viswam's School Labs.

Viswam's School Labs recognizes the significance of early financial literacy as a cornerstone for children's future financial well-being. In a world where financial decisions play a central role in our lives, instilling these essential skills from a young age is paramount. Our programs are designed to empower young minds with the knowledge and skills required to make informed and effective financial choices. By offering comprehensive financial education, we aim to equip students with the tools to manage their money wisely and prepare for a secure financial future. Our focus is not just on academic excellence but also on life excellence, and financial literacy is a key component of that vision.


Financial Literacy

Nurturing Financial Literacy from a Young Age

Lifelong Skills:

Viswam’s Financial Literacy program instills essential financial skills and knowledge that students can use throughout their lives.

Economic Contribution:

Financially literate individuals are vital for a nation’s economic well-being, as they make responsible financial decisions that impact the economy positively.

Reduced Vulnerability:

Teaching financial literacy helps students avoid scams, predatory financial products, and other pitfalls that could lead to financial vulnerability.

Early Saving and Investment:

Students learn the importance of saving and making wise investment choices from a young age.

Prepared for Adulthood:

Our program ensures that students are well-prepared to handle adult financial challenges, such as managing bank accounts, understanding loans, and dealing with credit.

Parental Involvement:

Introducing financial literacy in schools encourages parental involvement, as parents can reinforce the concepts taught in the classroom, creating a collaborative approach to teaching financial literacy.

Viswam's Financial Literacy

Program Details

Program Features
Concept Classification
Structured classification of concepts
Concept Presentation
Lucid presentation of concepts
Content Organization
Content is presented in terms of sessions
Number of Sessions per Grade
20 sessions for each grade
  • Total 6 Levels - 2 Levels per year
  • 2 Periods per weak
  • 2 work books for student.
  • Assessments & Certificates


Why Financial Literacy

Instilling financial concepts in early education builds lifelong habits and smart choices, 

shaping a financially secure future for individuals.

Viswam's EELL


  • Student Course Books
  • Annual Teaching Planners
  • Solution Manuals
  • Teaching Presentations
  • Execution Guidance
  • Faculty Training
  • Chapter-Wise Test Papers & Solutions
  • State-wide Cumulative Tests & Ranking
  • Doubt Clarification Sessions


Voices of Success from Our School Partners

Hear the Praise Directly from Our Partner Schools

Delhi Public School Principal

The workshop was interesting and interactive the teaching aids are sure to motivate the children and make math learning enjoyable.

Oakridge school CEO of Oakridge school

The demonstration and the teaching clusters are very good. Mr. Karthik explained all the concepts well we need to practice to implement in a best possible way

Kennedy High School Vice Prinicipal

Seemed to be very informative and interactive session worked well for us.

D.A.V. Public School Vice Prinicipal

Session was more informative and make us learnt many innovation way to make teaching learning effective

Geetanjali Olympiad Schools Correspondant

Demo was good. Understanding the concept is very clear. Excellent class, Explanation was good. Topic and content is clear all the puzzles are very clear and valuable to a child & teacher

St. Mary's English Medium High School Founder & CEO of Geetanjali Olympiad Schools

We are happy to inform Abacus training session was useful and so effective. Our staff Participated 34 members and learned the content. In this programme we learnt the history of Abacus views of different methods in teaching Abacus. we learnt oral problems, 5s & 10s complements activities picture representation, visualization. Thanks to school labs

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